I’ve been without a cell phone for a week now. I love it. 

Turn off your cell phone for a week and see how different you see and do many things.

You’ll realize how much you just aimlessly scroll through you phone of the same Instagram posts or previous text messages to entertain yourself or fill the silence in between your friends.

Now I know who I really need to get ahold of and how communication matters.

Nothing is sexier than a girl who wears Nikes. 

Anonymous inquired What is your fraternity's reputation?

It’s building haha.

Anonymous inquired Are you fratty?

To a degree. I like to dress well and not look like a slob.

Anonymous inquired if you were immortal for a day, what would you do?

I’d do three things:

Jump off of every height. Fight every prisoner in any cell block I was allowed into. Surf.

Anonymous inquired Describe the girl you last had a casual thing with.

Wait, define casual thing.

Anonymous inquired Why did you join a frat?

I joined a fraternity to enhance my college experience. Every guy usually says “brotherhood” but that’s over-said. I enjoy my fraternity’s values, and we have been through so much hardship that I worked with a majority of them to help us on our campus. We started only a year ago and I love the direction we are heading in. 

Anonymous inquired How much do you miss that girl you wrote about last year?

I miss her every day.

emmeparr inquired Addictive blog! Glad I found it. I have to stop scrolling now, however, on account of this thing I have called a job.

Thank you!

Anonymous inquired Unlimited love or money?


Anonymous inquired You a qt

Thanks haha.

Anonymous inquired What is a deal breaker with a girl?

Pretending to act less smart than she actually is.